What is 3CX?

3CX is a telecommunication service for any business! It combines normal calls, video calls, and chats into one easy-to-use platform. We offer a business line with a number for you to use with your organization. There are so many options to connect with clients and team members: texting, webinars, video conferences—you name it and the best part is you can use it on any device!

Cost Savings
3CX is the magic wand for decreasing phone bills. It is a highly effective solution for cost reduction in telecommunication expenses to minimize your phone bills by up to 50%! 3CX uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and software. This innovation is a departure from traditional phone costs providing your business with a more efficient and economical option.

Flexibility and Mobility
3CX empowers individuals to do their business from any location to extend their workplace environment. This is perfect for hybrid or remote models and enables the user to carry their workplace with them fostering a productive work environment regardless of location.

Headsets integrate seamlessly with 3CX serving as the best puzzle piece to fit into the system. Any headset will work with the application. That way you can pick the best and comfiest headset for you!

3CX has a built-in chat queue that permits drop-in chat widgets to be easily installed on the corporate website by the web developer. This facilitates chat information to be routed from the website to any 3CX-connected device. Audio and video calls can be connected directly to the web user from the chat session
Voice response routing provided by R.D. Partner’s custom software permits a real-time speech and voice response system to be constructed so that users do not need to press digits to be routed to various departments but instead speak questions or commands when prompted.

Easy Management/integration with corporate tools
The setup and navigation of this system's user interface is simple. 3CX is very user-friendly, keeps system maintenance easy, and works well with a variety of CRM systems.

Integration with Office 365
3CX permits synchronization of contacts and user data with the Microsoft 365 platform so that users' names and other data are always in sync with the corporate directory. This seamless path of client data with your communication system creates more productivity and a flow between your activities and contacts.

R.D. Partners has developed a custom component that synchronizes 3CX VoiceMails with the Microsoft Exchange Online mailboxes, whenever a voicemail is deleted in the Exchange box that email is also deleted in the 3CX voicemail system.

3CX has functionality to permit Microsoft Teams calls and meetings to be directly connected to 3CX. This permits Microsoft Teams users to make phone calls to a destination of any phone number. Incoming calls can also be routed to Microsoft Teams users so that calls can be joined to Teams meetings or handled directly by Microsoft Teams functions.

Security & Updates
Let's discuss why 3CX is going to be your greatest asset- it is the guardian of your data! Our commitment to data security is unwavering. Eavesdropping is prohibited through a robust lockdown mode. 3CX is proactive with maintenance and upgrades and has your back. You will get the latest advancements in technology.

3CX simplifies communication while guaranteeing a secure and efficient business environment that aligns with your organization. This solution is designed to adapt to you and your needs by winning over your team and embodying the future in action.