Omni Channel

Voice, Video, Messaging and Speech Response

Supporting a variable and scalable customer experience requires expertise in the integration of the customers communication preference regardless of the medium the customer wishes to use.

Messaging, voice, video and intelligent speech processing are integral links to a company's ability to facilitate customer engagement!

Supporting voice and video communications to customers, workers and vendors is the glue that makes a business’s customer service succeed!

R.D. Partners consults with businesses to develop custom telecommunications solutions utilizing 3CX, AltiGenOpen in new tab, TwilioOpen in new tab, JambonzOpen in new tab, Office365 and Google Workspace cloud services to implement best-in-class customer experiences economically for any size business!

Microsoft Teams Integration and Customization

Microsoft Teams continues to gain huge market share because of its integration with Microsoft Office365. In many cases Microsoft Teams is becoming the central communications infrastructure and digital sharing platform for businesses and organizations of all sizes. This integration requirement many times includes bridging traditional phone communications into the Microsoft Teams infrastructure.

R.D. Partners provides consulting and infrastructure support to facilitate the melding of call center functions with the Microsoft Teams workflow. A Teams user can make and receive phone calls from their Teams session and bridge phone conferences and Microsoft Teams-initiated meetings.

Through collaboration with key business-stakeholders, R.D. Partners facilitates the design and constructs a solution that maximizes the capabilities of Microsoft Teams by integrating an omni-channel strategy including email, phone, text, video conferencing, instant messaging, and CRM communications enablement.

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